How to Set Up Gmail for Business for Free — click for complete instructions and a printable checklist.

Gmail is a popular email service powered by Google. But many business owners don’t realize that you can set up Gmail for business for free as your email client. – click for full instructional blog post.

Using Gmail for your business emails is smart for multiple reasons, but most importantly, since it is a Google product, you know it is dependable.

In this video I explain how to set up Gmail for your business, but first let’s talk about why you would want to do this.

1. Gmail is Free. Though Google does have a paid service, you can actually set up Gmail for your business at no cost.

2. Cloud based email client. When you use Gmail as your business email client, all your email is stored on Google’s servers and is available no matter where you are. Whether you use your phone, tablet or even someone else’s computer, you have access to your email.

3. Decrease your company’s Server load. When you use Gmail as your email client, you are removing your emails from you company’s server and saving resources. No longer will you clutter valuable disk space with your emails. Gmail provides you with 15 GB for free.

4. Cross device compatible. It doesn’t matter if your preference is Apple, Android or Windows. There is a Gmail App that you can install and have instant access to your email on your phone, tablet and computer.

5. Spam protection. One of Google’s biggest goals is to declutter the Internet of spam. Whether it is their search algorithm or your Gmail account, Google is always working on freeing up your online world of spam. When you use Gmail for your business email client, you are protected from Gmail’s spam filters.

6. Gmail learns from you. Gmail will actually learn from what emails your open, read and delete. If you keep deleting email from a certain sender without reading it, Gmail will start putting those emails into your Spam folder.

7. You can train Gmail. Gmail doesn’t only learn, it allows you how to automatically organize your emails and declutter your inbox.

As you can see, using Gmail for your business emailing needs is very beneficial. Once you are ready to start using Gmail, learn how to set it to automatically organize your email.

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