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Email Marketing Tools You Have TO Try
Some of the Best Email Marketing Tools

Dada Mail

Dada Mail provides you tons of options when it comes to formatting your emails. You can even use Perl to add some cool features to this open-source email marketing program. You can even use a web-based inferface to delete, edit, or add features to Dada Mail in case you do not know how to use Perl.


Mailman is used to handle email lists. This is one of those email marketing tools that will allow you to control the access to your account. List owners will get tons of benefits from Mailman as it will allow them to do their tasks. Content filtering and message archiving are some of the features that Mailman offers to its users. In addition, you can add filters in order to get rid of spam. In addition, you can use C or Phyton to deal with this computer program in a deeper level.


OpenEMM was the first open-source platform designed for email marketing. IBM and Siemens has also used this platform successfully in the past. You can even connect this email marketing tool with Drupal, WordPress and other content managemen systems out there. Its intuitive interface will make your life easier, and it also comes with advanced bounce-back management features. In addition, you will get useful statistics about your emails at all times.


PHPList is a very popular email marketing tool created in PHP. If you want to manage your email data, you will have to connect PHPList with a MySQL datase. In addition, you will be able to track links embedded in your email messages. Moreover, you will get statists by subscriber, URL and message. You can even store up to 100,000 subscribers, which makes this email management service really powerful. As you can see, this can be considered as one of the best email marketing tools out there.


Aweber comes with tons of pre-made templates you can use to send your beautiful emails to your subscribers right away. However, you might have to spend hours teaking your template so that it can look the way you want it. You might even have to download the javascript right from their site so that you can tailor your templeate to the way you want it. By doing so, you will avoid many limitations that come with using these templates. This is one of the best email marketing tools out there.


You can store up to 2000 subscribers in MailChip completely free, which is one of the best things about this software. However, you will not be allowed to send as many messages as you might need to your list. The free account is less useful when you get the autoresponder feature disabled, which is something annoying for many people. This is one of those email marketing tools you need to try.

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