Best Mass Email Newsletter Software

Create, Schedule & Send Unlimited Follow Up Messages To Your Prospects Your Own Control Without Having To Pay Monthly Expensive List Management Fees Anymore!

Mailing List Manager = Your Full Automatic Email Marketing Software

If you truly want to develop your business and increase your profits, get MAILING LIST MANAGER working for you – today!   Here’s your chance to beat your competitors to the finish line.

Here are some of its powerful features:

— No Monthly Fees –  Own it for Life!

— Very Easy to Install – in less than 10 minutes.

— Complete Easy to Follow Installation Instructions even if don’t have technical skills.

— Use on Unlimited Number of Domains. You can put our autoresponder to work for you even on your free-hosted webpages.

— Send Unlimited Number of Follow-up Emails. You can send  follow-up email everyday if you want. Some autoresponder services allow you only 20 follow-up emails.

— Works on Unlimited number of subscribers. It will work great even if you have 100 or 1 Million subscribers.

— Fully automated, will work for you  24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week

— Super fast email delivery – 600 emails per minute

— Automatically wraps words at 65 lines per line.

— Full Customization – can send emails with actual names of clients and email addresses

— Customized “Thank You”  Page. You can set-up a thank you page after your client has subscribed.

— All follow-up emails can have an attachment – you can attach any file type to your email messages up to 2MB

— You can manually Unsubscribe any email addresses

— Your subscribers can also automatically Unsubscribe  using a Link in every email message

— Power Checking of Duplicate Email Addresses. Once an email has been used, it will delete the same email address if use in subscribing again. You free-up yourself in cleaning your database of duplicate email addresses.

— Very easy to use Admin Control Panel where you set up your follow-up emails in a matter of minutes.

— Super easy to Export Email Addresses 

— Super easy to  Import Email Addresses  

— Subscription Box automatically generated for you 

— You will  never be accused of spamming. You will always have an email sent to you as a PROOF of the actual email address and IP address of your subscribers.

— You will receive a report every time a follow-up is sent to your subscribers. You will always know what you autoresponder is doing for you.

— Very minimum system requirements

    Unix Operating system (linux/FreeBSD)

    Perl5 Interpreter (standard on  unix machines)

    SendMail (standard on unix machines)

    Works without CRON jobs (which are not allowed on many servers)

Get this amazing software now and start increasing your profits quickly, or you can wait for your competitors to get it first and steal your customers from you.  The decision is yours.

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