You’ve Got Mail – Email Marketing for Small Business

Have you avoided or struggled with email marketing?

Email marketing is a challenge for small businesses. Email spam is a known irritant for many people and making sure you don’t wander into that zone is critical.  Basically, done wrong it becomes spam, done right it becomes a valuable business marketing channel.

Would you like some help from an expert?

Our guest this month is +Stephan Hovnanian  , a recognized expert in internet and email marketing. He will guide us through the dangers and rocks and bring us to the safe harbor of integrating email marketing into an overall strategy.

About Stephan

+Stephan Hovnanian  is the owner of Shovi Websites, a web strategy company located outside Boston. Stephan has spent his career helping companies overcome the challenges of maintaining their online presence effectively. And, through his ability to select interesting, innovative, and compelling guests for his online shows, he brings valuable content and resources to his clients. He’s able to solve small business communication problems by developing a strategy unique to them.

Resources from Stephan

Google+ Pro Tips ebooks series –  

A special thanks to +Oceanside Chamber of Commerce  for hosting the venue for the live audience and broadcast,  and  to +Richard Peat-Hanna  for his technical assistance.

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