Email Marketing for Churches, Non-Profits & Small Business

Hello, I’m Luke Williams and I’m in the business of helping churches, small businesses and non-profit organizations understand the value of digital marketing. Today I want to talk a little about email marketing. Email continues to be the number one way that businesses communicate. The number of email accounts worldwide is over 4 billion and the number of business emails sent everyday accounts for over 139 billion. As mobile devices continue to make it easy to send and receive emails the numbers will continue to trend upward.

So how can an email marketing campaign help your small business, church or non-profit?

There are many email platforms available that can help you grow your business without breaking the bank. Lets take Constant Contact for example. Constant Contact allows you to send professional looking emails made from easy to use templates. Templates include social media links that can help you reach more potential customers by running Facebook fan promotions. Constant Contact also can help you get new and repeat business by creating deals and coupons to be sent and tracked right from the platform. If you are planning an event instead of using several different apps to manage the event you can manage it all from one place, including payment processing. And for churches and non-profit organizations who collect donations online Constant Contact can help you securely process and track credit card donations for your cause.

So you see…

New media has made it easier than ever to develop integrated online marketing campaigns that produce results. With some strategic planning and consistent effort your organization can see growth in many areas.

This is Luke Williams with your online marketing tip for day. Thanks for tuning in and I’ll catch you next time.

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