Ad Retargeting: How to Follow Your Prospects Everywhere Online

In this week’s training you’ll learn how to set up an advertising retargeting campaign with to follow your prospects everywhere online who visit your website to improve lead conversion.

Here are a few key points we covered in this training:

3:30 The conversion rate on a website
5:30 Determining your marketing budget
8:00 The basics of AdRoll
12:15 Creating an ad campaign in AdRoll
14:00 Google display network
17:00 Measuring the results of a retargeting campaign
18:50 Requirements for uploading an ad
20:00 Using code from SmartPixel for the website to install a cookie on someone’s computer
22:00 Goole Analytics for measuring visitor conversion rate
24:30 Google Adwords to rank #1 vs. #3, cost per click and cost per lead
28:00 Paying for the uses of retargeting
31:00 Setting a budget for your ad retargeting
35:15 The order of building a business
39:00 Mobile ads and having ads on Facebook
45:00 Cleaning up a database

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