How To Get Professional Email Address for FREE in GoDaddy

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This videos shows you how to create professional business Emails on your own domain like

So for example, instead of using a normal gmail address like, you’ll be able to use a email ID like… which looks a lot more professional.

This means you can send & receive emails from addresses like or

Before you start, you need to have a website with GoDaddy.

If you don’t have a website yet, watch our previous video here:

Ok so let’s begin!

===== STEP 1 =====

To start, first go to Godaddy(DOT)com

and sign in to your account

Now click Manage next to Web Hosting.

Click Manage again

Now, scroll down the page

and Click Email Wizard

Now enter the Email address you want to create.

(You can choose emails like contact, support or

Enter a password

and select quota as Unlimited.

Then Click Create Account.

Click “I’ll do it later”

Click More and Select Access Webmail

Click the 1st icon (Horde)

This will take you to your new inbox.

From here you can send and receive emails using your new email address

Okay, so we’re done with the 1st STEP.

===== STEP 2=====

Now let’s connect this custom email ID with your existing gmail account.

This will be helpful because, once you connect it with your gmail a/c, you don’t have to check two different inboxes for new emails. Everything can be handled within gmail itself.

To connect your new email ID with gmail, the first we have to forward all incoming emails.

To do that, first let’s go to the godaddy cpanel

and then under “email” click forwarders.

Click add forwarder & enter your custom email.

Now enter your gmail address to which you want to forward your new emails to.

Then click add forwarder

We’re done. Now all the mails sent to our new email id will be forwarded to gmail.

===== STEP 3=====

Now the next step is to enable gmail to send mails from new ID.

To do that, click home

and scroll down to email and click accounts

Now click more and click ‘configure email client’

Scroll down again to the manual settings.

Now, the information shown here, should be entered into your Gmail account.

So go to Gmail and go into settings

and Click accounts and import

Click “add another email address”

Now enter the “from name” you want to use.

and then enter the custom email address you’ve created then click next.

Now go to godaddy and copy the outgoing server.

Then paste it in gmail and select port as ‘465’

Enter the new email address here

and then its password (enter the same password you chose in godaddy).

Then Click Add account

Now, gmail will ask you for a confirmation code.

So, go to your gmail inbox

Copy the confirmation code and paste it in the box & click verify.

Now go to settings again and click “accounts & import”

Click “make default”.

This will make your new email as the default from address.

Now click compose.

You will see here that you have an option of sending the mail from your gmail address or your custom email address.

So to check if this is working correctly send an email to someone & see if they receive it.

So that’s it!

This is how you create a professional email address for your website and access it using Gmail.

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