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Free Email Marketing Software and how to set up your ListWire email autoresponder. For access to the ListWire.Com Free Autoresponder go to

An autoresponder is a critical tool for everyone trying to market a business online.

Time after time you’ll here that “the money is in your list.”

That is very true.

But they should really say “the money is in the list that is followed up with.”

All businesses, whether it is an online or offline business, should be communicating with potential customers as often as possible.

An autoresponder allows you to collect contact information from people through a variety of means.

If you are receiving this message it means you are currently in my autoresponder system.

You put your name and email address into a web form…

My Facebook Fan Page…

Or you have given me your information when we’ve met somewhere out on the street.

Because you were looking for information.

Most of you are either looking for a way to build your current business or…

You’re looking for another business to get into.

Either way it allows us to have some communication and hopefully you’ll find some useful tips, tricks and techniques…

That will help you develop your business skills or your business itself.

How will an autoresponder work for someone running a typical home based business?

This will work for any business…

Hair stylist…

Auto Detailer…

Real Estate Agent…


Dog Groomer, Trainer or Pet Hotel…

Or even network marketers.

Let’s say you run a local landscape company.

You are at a gas station with your truck and your logo is on the side.

While you are filling up the person in the car fueling up behind you asks about your services.

“Do you have a business card on you?”

If you have an autoresponder set up your answer should be…

“Unfortunately I don’t have any on me at this time, but if you are looking for the best landscaper in town, let me get your name and email address and I’ll send you some information about our services.”


Now they can’t accidently lose your card in a vicious, slobbering dog attack…

Forget to call you, but see another landscaper the next week and call them instead.

You have CONTROL!

You add them to your autoresponder and they start to receive emails from you talking about the importance of the services you offer.

If you’re a landscaper, give them free tips and tricks on how to take care of their own lawn.

If you’re a real estate agent, give them free tips and tricks on the current local trends or how to save on their electric bill.

If you’re a dog groomer, maybe they’d like to know the best way to care for their precious little doggy fur.

Why would you do that?

Because when they get to that point when they no longer want to hassle with doing this stuff themselves…

Who are they going to call?

The business that was awesome enough to give them free information when they needed it.

That’s who!

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