Sign up to MailChimp & Add a MailChimp Email Signup Form in a WordPress Sidebar Widget This Video Shows You How To Add a MailChimp Sidebar Email Signup Form in a WordPress Widget

Firstly I show you how to sign up at Mailchimp. Mailchimp is free for your first 2000 subscribers. What’s you’ve signed up for free at Mailchimp you should then create a list.

Once you’ve created an email list you need to add some email addresses to it. The best way to add email addresses to your list is to collect them on your website.

This works even better if you have a lead magnet or some sort of gift to act as an incentive to join your email list. You can do this with an email sidebars side up form. The sidebar is usually the best place to put an email capture form although it can go in the header or footer of the website.

We do this using the Mailchimp widget plugin. Once we have loaded the plug-in we activate it by copying an API key from the Mailchimp side into the WordPress backend.

Once we have done that we can simply drag and drop the widget into the sidebar and customise the form as we see fit.

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