How To Use MailChimp Tutorial – STEP BY STEP – 2016

Step by step tutorial on how to use mailchimp:

How to Use MailChimp

1:46 – Part 1: Create Your Mailchimp Account

2:14 – Part 2: Log into your Mailchimp Dashboard

2:36 – Part 3 – Create Mailchimp Lists

8:05 – Part 4: Edit Mailchimp Forms and Default Emails

10:26 – Part 5: How To Send Attachments After Optin

12:58 – Part 6: Add Google Analytics to Mailchimp

14:01 – Part 7: Edit Email Templates

18:18 – Part 8: How to Send Mailchimp Campaigns

19:48 – Send a Regular Mailchimp Campaign

24:54 – Send a RSS Feed Driven Mailchimp Campaign

29:37 – Part 9: How To Analyze Your Mailchimp Reports

31:18 – Part 10: Adding Optin Forms to Your Website

Hey Make sure you watch at the end. I make a guest appearance 🙂

This video shows you how to use MailChimp to create email lists, send out MailChimp email campaigns and how to create email optin forms for your WordPress website using MailChimp. Enjoy!

I just added timestamps to this video on how to use mailchimp. It is honestly the most thorough tutorial on youtube and goes in order of what you need to do. I promise you, you won’t miss a beat!

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I have a lot more cool stuff coming…including something that will double or quadruple your email optins….it’s coming in the near future. Maybe after we hit 1000 NYC TECH CLUB members.

See ya!!

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