HOW Mad Mimi: Email Marketing with Mimika Cooney, Photographer & Mad Mimi Look-a-like

Thanks everyone for joining, and thanks to Mimika Cooney our fabulous featured guest! Dressed up for the occasion like Mimi, herself… I think they’re soul sisters 🙂

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We discussed Google Analytics, and different ways to identify the best place to spend your marketing budget. Did you know that email marketing has a $40/every $1 spent return on investment?! Compare that to $0.50 – $1 for every $1 spent for Facebook advertising. Email is a no-brainer!

And you get all sorts of analytics opportunities with email. Check out more information about all the Mad Mimi features, here:

Mimika detailed the importance of building that email list, and offering a sing-up form on your site. Email marketing is like having a one-on-one conversation with your audience. What’s the first thing that most people do when they wake up in the morning and grab their coffee? Read their email! You need to get people’s permission to send them email, and then you are able to have a valuable conversation with them, right in their own inbox. Everything else is really just a lot of noise.

Having a sign-up form on your site is of utmost importance, to grab those email addresses. But enticing the sign-up action in a valuable and honest way, is the next step. Offering something is a great strategy, for folks to trial you and your content, and get them to sign up without feeling like they’re being pushed into it.

Adding a Mad Mimi sign-up form to your site is super easy! Check out more tips on all things web forms, here:

And sign-up forms, used in conjunction with landing pages, give you the most visibility into what’s going on with your clicks. You can purchase a Facebook ad, but if you send them to your homepage, you won’t have any idea how effective this is.

And last up, but definitely NOT least: Drip Campaigns. You may have heard these referred to as “Autoresponders”, but they’re the same thing. Mimika says marketing is like dating, and you’ve got to woo your audience, during the honeymoon phase — the first 7 days after they take action…

You’re already giving them the thing that enticed them to sign up, but you can surprise them with flowers and chocolate, too! Mimika has offered the first chapter of her baby book as a freebie, but then gifted them the second chapter on day 2, unannounced! Giving people things creates a feeling of reciprocity, and delightful discovery.

Drip Campaigns give you the chance to set up content that gets sent out automatically, leaving you free to focus on other things — while STILL engaging with your new signups. And you can set the schedule to anything you like. Mimika recommends between 4 and 10 emails in a campaign, but can be spaced out in any way you want.

Consistency is important, and making sure to keep in touch with your audience, ALWAYS providing valuable content, is key. Mimika has folks on her list form 2005, who never bought anything for 5 years after signing up. Remember, it’s not necessarily who is buying today that makes a quality email address for your list.

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