Hanging Out with Mad Mimi: Email Mechanics and Sally from GitHub

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Our guest today was Sally Lehman, Mail Guru over at GitHub: www.github.com — you can catch up with her there, or on the Twitter sphere @SllyLhmn

We discussed what goes on behind the curtain, when you send an email, and about all the hops that little package takes from the “Send” button, all the way to your Inbox.

Sally told us about how spam filters work, and all about how block lists and spam watch organizations got started. She shared a whole bunch of great tips on how to build goodwill for your emailing identity, and to not get your (otherwise fully opted-in, safe and healthy) emails accidentally filtered or blocked.

Remember! Sending emails is like visiting someone else’s home — treat everyone and everything with respect, and don’t leave trash around. Like Becca said: Only go to parties that you’re invited to, and always bring a bottle of wine! Build that good email karma, and everything will be ok 🙂

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