Hanging Out with Mad Mimi: Drip Campaigns, Autoresponders, and Michael Folling of ActivityRez

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Join us this week to explore Mad Mimi Drip Campaigns! Known in other universes as ‘autoresponders’, Drip Campaigns are a great way to make an awesome automated Welcome Email, create valuable Email Course content, and more!

Our guest this week is Michael Folling, Marketing Manager at ActivityRez: http://activityrez.com/
He’s recently guest-blogged for us, and you can read his take on 5 awesome Email Courses that are sing Drip Campaigns, right here: http://blog.madmimi.com/5-tips-email-course/

Find out more about the Mad Mimi Drip Campaign feature, here: http://help.madmimi.com/everything-drip-campaigns-auto-responders/

***Notes from our awesome Q&A questions!***

Our Link to List feature, for adding folks to an audience list when they click on a certain link: http://help.madmimi.com/connect-your-email-newsletter-links-to-your-lists/

Learn how to include a video in a Mad Mimi email, without actually embedding it: http://help.madmimi.com/can-i-embed-audio-or-video/

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