Creating an Email Newsletter in iContact
Here I explain how to create a template using iContact’s MessageBuilder.

And then how you use a sent message to create a new newsletter.

Paste in unformatted text from Note Pad (Windows) or TextEdit Plain Text (Mac).

Apply the correct formatting, in this case:

Headline: Verdana Bold 16px
Body text: Verdana Normal 13px

Add links to websites and email addresses (you have the ability to specify the email’s title, etc.)

Set anchors and internal links within the email.

Add images — remember to have the cursor at the beginning of a paragraphs for small headshots that will be inset with the text wrapping around. And put paragraph returns above and below the cursor when you want an image to be the full width of the email and with no text wrapping around it. Then set the alignment, wrapping and spacing of the image. (If image is on right it needs spacing on left, etc.)

Delete blocks where necessary.

If you get iContact to send your email newsletters via the above link I will receive a small commission.

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