Constant Contact Email Marketing Review (Dec 2014)

My review of Constant Contact email marketing. I did this one live, unrehearsed and voice-over instead of annotations with music. Kinda feel like I should have gone through the platform real quick to have a better idea of what I was really doing, but whatever.

This was for my new niche site on email marketing: – Check it out, it’s still very much under construction, but still has some valuable content.

There has been some changes to Constant Contact. The dashboard looks different and some of the features have changed. Constant Contact now requires Formstack to be added from the Constant Contact Marketplace. This still doesn’t enable opt-in forms to be produced directly within Constant Contact and requires the 3rd party.

It seems like there personalization has changed to a simple mail merge (via greetings widget). Constant Contact has always lacked in personalization, and it seems to have gone downhill.

I have always been a fan of their modular WYSIWYG email campaign editor. Simply add widgets and place them where you want them to appear. Clicking on them allows you to edit them. There’s also an HTML editor as well.

Constant Contact offers a couple different campaign types including Facebook, coupons, surveys and more. I didn’t bother trying out the various campaign types. These might be helpful to some businesses.

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