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http://www.tickletrain.com – TickelTrain Puts Your Emails on Autopilot with Drip Marketing. Sign up for free now.

Close More Sales – Following up on leads is the key to increased sales.

Did you know that 80% of sales require at least five follow-ups with your contact? Wouldn’t it be nice to have those follow-ups pre-written and on any schedule you set? Let TickleTrain’s drip marketing do the work for you! You are not alone if you lack the time and perserveance to follow-up on every lead. It’s hard, if not impossible. If you are just guessing which ones to stay focused on, while others are left to wilt away, you are missing a huge opportunity. Let’s face it some leads are cold from the beginning and stay cold, but others start out that way and turn into great customers. It’s too hard to tell and too valuable an opportunity not to automate the process to achieve the best outcome. This is where TickleTrain comes in. It uses drip marketing and puts you in control of automating your communications with prospective customers. Your leads can get a personalized communication from
you as if you spent the time to type it yourself. These small nudges and various nurturing content, put you in front of prospective buyers without being a nuisance. And when they are ready to purchase, the top-of-mind awareness you’ve created and your diligent communications, will make the recipent think of you first and at the same time make them feel important. You will be chosen over competitors time and time again.

http://www.tickletrain.com – TickelTrain is a service that puts your emails on autopilot with Drip Marketing. Try it free today and see how it can help you succeed!

It’s Easy To Use

TickleTrain is not a complicated. Far from it. In fact, there’s hardly anything to learn. And it integrates seamlessly with any email client. After you sign up it will use drip marketing and work right away on any email you send with our preloaded Tickles. A Tickle is a special email address adorned with powers granted to you by TickleTrain. Or more precisely, it’s what creates your follow-up campaign, often referred to as “drip” emails. You just place the special email adress in the BCC field and send your email. When TickleTrain receives it, it goes to work.

http://www.tickletrain.com – Sign up for Free. TickelTrain uses Drip Marketing to put your Your Emails on Autopilot.

Personalized Emails – More than a reminder tool, TickleTrain sends emails as well.

TickleTrain allows you to create and save pre-written emails that can be used anytime you need to follow-up on something. Use them again and again! The personalization tool easily incorporates a name, giving your email a personal touch. Plus, TickleTrain’s emails look like they came from you and replies flow right back to your inbox. TickleTrain’s emails look just like you sent them. Even though it’s automated, the email message corresponds to your discussion and incorporates your contact’s name in the message. For example, a Tickle used to follow up on unanswered quotes can be worded like : “Hi {Name}, I wanted to follow up on the quote I sent over. Let me know if…” And since TickleTrain sends using your own personal email address, it looks like you sent it and replies come back to your inbox. Once your quote follow up is saved on TickleTrain, it can used over and over again with any
new quotes you send. They’ll each get a polite follow up from you if needed. They’ll feel important and you’ve done your job- automatically – over and over again with little effort.

http://www.tickletrain.com – Empowering Your Email with Effective Drip Marketing.

Drip marketing campaigns send timely reminders and quick communications to help nurture leads from lookers into buyers. TickleTrain is perfect for this. And it’s mojo is in it’s simplicity. A common approach to begin a drip marketing campaign is through vistors completeing a form on your website. TickleTrain can integrate with any existing web form you use now. Just set the form to include a special TickleTrain email address in the BCC field. When the welcome email gets sent, TickleTrain goes to work. Your drip campaign can include unlimited emails, file attachments and images, varied send intervals, varied content and much more. But dripping emails is more than lead nurturing. TickleTrain can drip marketing emails for things like training programs, simple reminders, repeating emails, abandoned shopping cart notices, after purchase follow-ups, and much more. If it has a BCC field, you can use TickleTrain.

http://www.tickletrain.com – Sign up for Free. TickelTrain uses Drip Marketing to put your Your Emails on Autopilot.

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