Affiliate Email Marketing: Achieve 82.9% Opt-in Rate

How to achieve an 82.9% opt-in rate with affiliate email marketing: Improve your opt-in rate with this lead capture page and follow-up autoresponder messages.

Over the past few years I’ve been creating turnkey lead capture packages, I’ve made many lead capture pages with pre-written follow-up messages for a wide variety of niches. While every lead capture page I make is well done and very effective at capturing leads, none have been as effective as the one I’m going to share with you here today, with its staggering 82.9% opt-in rate.

I encourage you to use my best affiliate list-building system, as it’ll help you sell more affiliate products, services, subscriptions and business opportunities.


Successful affiliate marketers like me know that on average:

– a prospects needs to see your offer more than once before they buy (that’s in any business or market)
– you only have seconds to capture their attention and make them take action before they are gone forever
– you have to build trust
– you have to fill a need
– you have to offer the right solution
– and you have to build a relationship

Making sales can be difficult if you are simply relying on only driving new traffic to your website each day. What you actually need to be doing is trying to capture your website visitors name and email address and turn them into a LEAD if you expect to make consistent and predictable sales online!

Because I know this as a fact, and because I know successful affiliates make follow-up marketing a priority in their advertising, I’m offer my exact lead capture page, with a 82.9% opt-in rate and 25 pre-written autoresponder messages that turn prospects into leads and leads into paying customers.

Get The Lead Capture Package Here:

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