5 Tips To Write Swipe Files For Affiliate Email Business

5 Tips To Write Swipes Files For Affiliate Email Business
Get access to this amazing PERSONAL email training by clicking link above. Have you been stuck with know what to write in your blog or affiliate email swipes campaign?

Seriously write these 5 Tips Down and practice writing up a short email. You will be amazed at the response.

1. Be Inquisitive – Ask open ended questions to your readers. What , When , Why, How, Where. The more you ask the more they will tell you want they want and what the problems are.

2. Be Authoritative – Lead by example! Your readers are following what you do. Tell others what you already KNOW and what works.

3. Be Optimistic- Take action and be positive. There is something attractive about a person who is willing and wanting the best.

4. Be Valuable – Your readers want to know the DETAILS and the BENEFITS of your information. Tell people exactly how your system works and listening to proper training has allowed you to grow more people on your list.

5. Be Relational – You have emotions and let people see them. “I was so upset last night when my basement flooded”. Telling people stories that they can relate to. People need encouragement, like to laugh, and feel good just like i do. Share about struggles and success.

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